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Museum of Natural History (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13, Helsinki)
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Change in the Air
The exhibition Change in the Air takes you from the past to the future. It tells about the effects of climate change on our northern environment and suggests how we can adjust to the present climate change. The stars of the tour are the losers from the last Ice Age – the woolly mammoths, cave lion and Irish elk – and the winners are also represented– several animal and plant species that still exist in Finland today. The tour presents how climate change research is conducted and what it has revealed. Length of the tour: 45-50 min. Price: on working days 80€ + entrance fee for guided groups (on Saturdays and Sundays 100€ + entrance fee for guided groups); on working days schools 80€ (incl. entrance fees). Group size: recommended max 25 persons One group can be guided at a time.
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